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R.M. Zubairi

Orville Hatch is sixteen and scared of everything. He rarely leaves his room. When he does, he screams his head off until he ends up in the hospital. The doctors think he’s nuts. His friends think he just needs to get out more. He thinks he needs a date with Penelope March. His parents don’t think about him at all.

Everyone else is trying to kill him.

Orville has been marked for death since birth. A sinister corporation, a mad scientist, a telepathic mouse, and mutant hitmen all want a piece of him. But he still has school. His friends won’t leave him alone. And then there’s Penelope, who seems to be in the middle of it all.

As Orville tries to figure out what he is and why everyone wants him dead, he realizes that he won’t survive until he first learns how to live.

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