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Amazing authors write amazing stories. Pygmalion Books is proud to offer a diverse ensemble of talented storytellers.



Children's Fiction

R.M. Zubairi writes award-winning middle-grade and YA science-fiction/fantasy.  His debut novel, Two Infinite Things, won the Bookfest 2022 silver medal in two categories. He also won the 2023 Darling Axe Synopsis Skirmish for The Gatekeepers, an upcoming middle-grade fantasy novel. 

A Minute Before Infinity, the sequel to Two Infinite Things, was released in December 2023. 

All titles are available here.

RM Zubairi was born in Baltimore, Maryland and lives in Arizona with his family. He is a pediatric cardiologist and certifiable enthusiast of tennis, motorsports, and mountain biking.

Hipster Woman



Impeccable attention to detail and a unique delivery are the hallmarks of River Watts, with a debut novel that will have you itching for more. Check out the full selection of titles published by Pygmalion Books.

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